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Kegler's Corner

By Jeff Olson
as published weekly in the Hood River News Sports Section


Splits Win


Splits usually don’t bode well in bowling but two of our humorously named yet well deserving underdog teams broke that jinx and won their respective leagues at Orchard Lanes, Hood River’s tenpin fun spot.  The Split Faced foursome won the popular Tuesday Nite Mixed league and the Mis-splits trio prevailed in the always exciting Thursday County league.  We’ve got to admit those team names are creative.  It’s easy to figure out that they changed a few letters to protect our innocence but at least they aren’t X rated!


Action in these leagues that began about 6 months ago culminated in a big bang last week. Split Faced took the Tuesday Nite Mixed title in their roll-off against formidable Double A Orchards, Team Nishi and Take Ten. Hats off to the champions, Cole Hunter, Torey Schmidt, Staci Winfield and Wynn Winfield. This one went down to the wire as Split Faced built a sizeable lead with a solid first game that was sparked by Wynn Winfield’s scratch 214 and then they hung on to take the title by 52 sticks. Team Nishi really bowled well as their legendary core of Stu Kawachi, Joey Sheirbon and Rick Nishimoto averaged 201 scratch in an all-out effort but just fell short.  Split Faced had a solid team effort as everyone beat their average and newcomers Cole Hunter and Torey Schmidt keyed the win because they showed steady improvement all season. It’s simple, the more you bowl the better you’ll get and the more fun you’ll have!  All hail to the champs.


Mis-splits won the Thursday County league roll off against the powerhouse Incredibowls in a razor thin match that was decided by just 14 pins. Hearty congratulations to the all-ladies championship team, Deanna Allen, Denise Endow and Angie Stoneberg. Angie bowled lights out!  So, what’s the message here?  It proves that bowling is for all of us, it’s a great equalizer as women can beat men. You can’t say that for most sports. We don’t want to hear that old refrain that you’re not good enough to bowl league and league bowlers are scary. They are just everyday folks like you and me, so don’t be afraid, give league a try, you’ll find a little mild competitive bowling is great fun!  These three ladies did it and won!  It doesn’t get any better.


We want to thank everybody who bowled in these two special leagues, we miss you already and we can’t wait to see you again in a few months when the next season starts.  But, don’t be a stranger, come on in to say hi over the summer and roll a few games to stay in shape.  You’ll be glad you did. 




Monday night Industrial:

Jeff Miller                                245 game & 689 series

Matt Hodges                           656 series

George Buck                           258 game

Sue Spellman                         207 game

Nancy Asai                             201 game


Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Bryan Mason                          247 game

Joey Sheirbon              235 game


Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Lee Rogers                             226,207 games & 615 series

Ken Kramer                            227 game & 603 series

Ron Baumsteiger                    234 game

Jesse Flores                           219 game

Mick Sherrell                           214 game 

Dave Baumsteiger                  203 game


Wednesday night Fraternal:

Jeremy Bloom              277 game & 696 series

Casey Barker                          247 game & 695 series

Chad Mason                           236 game & 671 series

Jeff Miller                                235 game & 652 series

Court Barker                           245 game 

Ron Ward                                244 game

Bill Whetstine               235 game 

Ciena Brittle                            212 game


Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:

George Buck                           226,210 games & 611 series

Bernie Keys                            217 game

Jolene Randall                        200 game


Thursday County:

Gordon Pillon                          215,214 games & 613 series

Steve Watt                              216 game

Andrew Hoffman                     202,201 games











































































































































































































































































































































































































































Christy Hillen’s Chillin’

Team of the Week: (pins over average/series plus handicap)

1.    Christy Hillen                      +158                753

2.    Woody Eskildsen    +130                781

3.    Nina Kruckenberg  +126                726                 

4.    Jeff Drennan                      +116                751

5.    Alex Frazier                        +115                766                                                       

3,777 total pins

They say it’s lonely at the top?  Newcomer Christy Hillen might be able to tell us if that’s true because last week in the Thursday afternoon Hood River County league at Orchard Lanes, Christy discovered that bowling wasn’t so tough.  She had the sticks dancing to the tune of “all fall down” and when she finished her three game series Christy ended up 158 pins over her average, the top performance of all league bowlers last week.  That means Christy was our No. 1 bowler in town last week, thus she lands atop our vaunted team of the week.  Congratulations Christy, you probably didn’t realize it but you accomplished quite a feat last week as it’s not easy to beat all of the talented league bowlers we have in this town.  You just proved to everybody that you have a future in bowling should you choose to really get involved.  Christy bowled so well she was the driving force that moved her Stumblin and Bumblin team into second place in the league after sweeping their opponent 4-0.

Our other four stars of the week are league regulars who have tasted fame many times before.  They all had outstanding league sessions last week. Woody Eskildsen and red hot Jeff Drennan shined in the Monday night Industrial league.  Woody finished his set with a huge scratch 252 game that gave him a nice 631 total which was 130 pins over his average.  His fine effort helped his Hood River Supply team move into first place in the league.  Jeff Drennan may have found the key to success in this great game as he made the fab five for the second week in a row.  Jeff found the range in his third game with a smart scratch 231 that enabled him to beat his average by 116 pins for the evening.  Former Bowler of the year Nina Kruckenberg really found the keys to the castle last week in the HR County league as she cracked one of bowling’s milestone with her first scratch 600 series of the season.  Nina put together solid and consistent scratch 212 and 202 games to finish up 126 pins over her average. Last week Nina was easily “the straw that stirred the drink” as she led her Alley Cats team into first place in the league.  Alex Frazier found pay dirt in the Tuesday Nite Mixed league (TNM) where he fired slick scratch 235 and 228 games while fashioning a solid 646 series to top his average by 115 pins.  He and his young teammates, Shaiyan Brittle, Levi Phelps and Court Barker vaulted into second place in the league after wiping their opponents by a whopping 239 sticks in a 4-0 sweep. With only one week to go in the second round these talented youngsters are only 1 point out of first place.  Next week will be big!

Just missing the team of the week were all-star Bernie Keys and young power player Levi Phelps.  Bernie notched her umpteenth scratch 600 set of the season in the Tuesday morning ladies Workshirkers league where she rolled a lofty scratch 257 game and mighty fine 628 series that was 109 pins over her average.  And, Levi Phelp’s pin crushing hook wreaked havoc on the poor pins in the TNM, where he blasted a big scratch 259 game and 682 series, which was 100 pins over his average.  Great bowling everybody!


League reports (high scratch scores):

Monday evening Industrial:

Jeff Miller                    237 game & 701 series

Patrick Olson  245 game & 650 series

Woody Eskildsen        252 game     

Carl Casey                  246 game

Randy Tumlinson        241 game   


Tuesday morning ladies Workshirkers:    

Bernie Keys                257 game & 628 series   

Nancy Asai                  224 game


Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Levi Phelps                 259 game & 682 series   

Court Barker               242 game & 675 series

Nancy Asai                  245 game & 606 series     

Alex Frazier                 235 game    

Shaiyan Brittle 206 game

Ciena Brittle                200 game


Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Dave Baumsteiger      252 game & 596 series          

Janet Harrington         505 series

Steve Nance               220 game

Sue Spellman 192 game


Wednesday evening Fraternal:

Court Barker               235 game & 678 series

Jeff Miller                    251 game & 661 series

Bernie Keys                238 game & 603 series

Ciena Brittle                226 game

Kristen Kawachi          208 game

Jenna Hert                  201 game


Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:

George Buck              202,200 games & 538 series

Joyce Hert                  166 game & 463 series

Len Allen                     215 game

Alan Ross                    205 game


Thursday HR County:

Nina Kruckenberg                   212,202 games & 600 series

Rod Pratt                                 226 game & 600 series     

Joyce Wilson               222 game

Duane Schneeberg                 202 game

Jeff Craven                             201 game

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