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Kegler's Corner

By Jeff Olson
as published weekly in the Hood River News Sports Section


Pat’s Pro Shop and Mt. Hood BBQ Win

Congratulations to Pat’s Pro Shop and Mt. Hood Barbeque who both won the first round in their respective leagues. More importantly, by winning a round, both of these teams get to compete for their league championships which will be conducted in unique matches at the end of the season.


Going into the Industrial league’s final first round matches last week, three teams, Mid-Columbia Diesel, MTS, and Pat’s Pro Shop were bunched at the top, separated by only 1 point. We surmised that one of these teams would likely win the first round. Unfortunately for Mid-Columbia Diesel and MTS, they dropped off in their final matches, taking only 4 and 8 points respectively out of 25 possible. Pat’s Pro Shop won the round because they beat Kingpinz in their final match 17-8, finishing in first place with 147 points. Collins Aerospace finished strong in their final match and moved up into a tie for second with MTS at 139 points. Kudos to the victorious Pat’s Pro Shop trio, Joey Sheirbon, John Mayfield, and Patrick Olson.


In the Fraternal league’s final matches of the first round, Mt. Hood BBQ had a big 17-point lead going in. So, it was a tall order for second place Orchard Lanes to overcome such a deficit. However, it was still possible on paper especially because they bowled against each other on this last night of the first round, in what is called a position match, so Orchard Lanes needed to take 22 points out of 25 possible. Difficult yes, but not impossible. Orchard Lanes is a powerhouse team who have swept many of their opponents in the past.


As it turned out, Orchard Lanes won 14 points and Mt. Hood BBQ got 11 which was easily good enough for the barbequers to win the first round. But, in the heat of the battle, it wasn’t all that simple. Let’s explain and look a bit deeper into the nitty-gritty of this match. Score-wise, Orchard Lanes pin busting stars, Ciena Brittle and Patrick Olson rolled 613 and 710 sets, respectively. Those are pretty impressive numbers, a total of 1,323 pins for the two of them, an impressive 220 average, which is mighty fine bowling in anyone’s book. Ciena and Patrick were 87 pins over their average for the night. That is good stuff, tough, timely bowling when big numbers are the only way to swamp an opponent. Bowling over your average is one of the keys to winning.


Well, Mt. Hood BBQ’s big two, Tyson Trout and Mike Bosse were unfazed by the intimidating prowess and pro-like strike power of Ms. Brittle and Mr. Olson. They responded like the winners they are. Tyson rolled a beautiful 621 series and Mike notched a solid 598. That amounts to 1,219 sticks which is a mighty fine 203 average for the two of them. Tyson and Mike were 117 pins over their average which was 30 sticks better than Ciena and Patrick. That’s the bottom line here, the reason Mt. Hood BBQ won was because they bowled more pins over their average than Orchard Lanes.


We can even take this to another level. Ciena and Patrick bowled lights out in the first two games of their match sweeping all 14 points. Ciena shot a huge 257 in her first game to start the match and a 197 in her second game; Patrick shot 240 and 259. These two ten-pin magicians had their brooms out looking to sweep the barbequers. It’s pretty tough to top numbers like those but Tyson and Mike hung in there like champs, Tyson rolled a beautiful opening 232 and then a 175; Mike tallied 180 and 206. Facing an intimidating blow out, did Tyson and Mike give up? Not one bit. In the final third game if the match, Tyson shot a fine 214 and Mike rolled 212 whereas Ciena cooled off to a 161 and Patrick had 211. Tyson and Mike swept all 7 points available in that third game of the match, beating Ciena and Patrick by a whopping 109 pins which was also enough for them to take 4 points for the most total pins for the three games by 61 sticks. Folks, that stonewall finish by Tyson and Mike was an impressive stand-your-ground performance, to face up to intimidating bowling by talented opponents and to overcome overwhelming odds. Mt. Hood BBQ finished first with 159 points and Orchard Lanes had 145. So, hats off to the tough grillers up on the hill, first round winners of the hot shot Fraternal league, Tyson Trout, Mike Bosse and John Riggleman.


In the most pins over average department by an individual last week, Ryan Pratt was the No. 1 guy as he logged his second 600 series of the season in the County league. Ryan started out with a fine 213 and then he really got hot, firing a big-time 247 game. He finished up with a cool 614 series which was 107 pins over his average. Great bowling everyone!




Industrial (Monday 7:00 pm):

Jeff Miller: 258,246, 734

Lynn Spellman: 255, 693

Nancy Asai: 236,220,216, 672

Randy Nieto: 257, 651

Quinton Cox: 256                       

Luke Renfro: 237

Patrick Olson: 237


Tuesday Nite Mixed (7:00 pm):

Chad Mason: 274, 684

Patrick Olson: 265

Brandon Kawachi: 253

Jeremy Bloom: 237

Ciena Brittle: 203

Nancy Asai: 200


Senior Colts and Fillies (Wednesday 1:30 pm):

Lynn Spellman: 246,203, 640

Robert Goddard: 212

Ed Busick: 211


Fraternal (Wednesday 7:30 pm):

Jeff Miller: 266,256, 741

Patrick Olson: 259,240, 710

Lynn Spellman: 663

Stan Pratnicki: 258, 658

Bernie Keys: 214,209, 614

Ciena Brittle: 255, 613

Levi Phelps: 237

James Klugel: 236


County (Thursday 5:00 pm):

Rod Pratt: 278, 643

Ryan Pratt: 247,213, 614

Melissa Werkheiser: 219

Cy Cannon: 210

Gordon Pillon: 203

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Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-1326


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